About Me

About Me

Jelena was born on March 8, 1991 in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a former International Bikini Fitness Competitor, International IFBB Certified Coach & Founder of her company Body&Mind by Jelena Vasovic. Since she was a young girl she got involved in various sports activities. At first in ballet, then gymnastics and figure iceskating until 2004, when she started doing fitness and aerobics. In 2008 she became a Group Fitness Instructor, teaching Dance Aerobics, Bodytoning and Bodypump. Beginning 2012 she started to prepare for competitions in bodybuilding Bikini Fitness category. Jelena had her first competition in Switzerland in October 2013, where she ranked 9th Place on the IFBB Internationale Herbstmeisterschaft (IFBB International Autumn Championship), two weeks later she turned Vice Champion on the IFBB Swiss National Bikini Championship and a week later she achieved title of the state champion (first in Serbia). In October 2014, she celebrated her international success together with the professional support of Jelena‘s former trainer Marko Matic and ranked herself and her country Serbia first time in Serbian Bodybuilding History Top 10 on an IFBB World Championship in the category „Bikini Fitness up to 172cm“. Shortly after returning from Montreal, Canada, she also achieved Top 3 placement on the IFBB Serbian National Championship 2014. Her excellent results were again highly appreciated by the Serbian government by keeping her also in 2015 in the development programme of Serbia’s talented athletes.

Personally, she runs a very balanced and healthy lifestyle which helped her to be the Jelena she is today – successful, strong and besides being a business woman – she reached to transform herself in the best shape of her life! She believes that every person has some « hidden » strengths which either need to be discovered or be developed with the help of a professional coach. This is one of the main reasons why she founded her company Body & Mind by Jelena Vasovic where she and her specialized partners can fully support TRANSFORMING YOU AND GET YOU THERE, WHERE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE!

Jelena loves to motivate and inspire people by making them feel good and filled up with positive energy. She is convinced that everything is possible by having the right mind set-up, the right people around you and if you are really ready to put all your efforts into realizing your dreams! The most prominent features she can support you with are her strong determination and persistence. Life is in her opinion about getting positive energy and giving it back to people – this is why she wants you to make you FEEL.CONNECT.TRANSFORM already TODAY!

Regards, Jelena

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